JTF studio:

JTF studio is a creative design house, run by designer/artist JT Fountain. The studio’s primary focus is the creation of abstract sculptures, sculptural furniture, and jewelry.

About JT Fountain:

Hi. I'm a self taught furniture & jewelry designer, sculpture maker, photographer, & filmmaker. Born and raised in Northern Idaho, I loaded up my beat up old 1972 VW Super Beetle, and headed to Los Angeles to pursue a career in filmmaking in my early twenties. The car broke down twice, but I eventually made it to the City of Angles. After a year working as a production assistant, then camera assistant, I moved back to the Northwest to pursue a career in action sports cinematography, with a focus on shooting snowboarding. It was during this time I finally picked up an old 35mm camera and started making static images.

Over the following years, I also began collecting furniture, mostly chairs, and found a love for furniture design. In time, I began selling vintage pieces I had collected, in order to allow myself to continue hunting for, and collecting, of new pieces. Consequently, I had became a vintage furniture dealer without meaning to. In time, I ventured into designing and building my own pieces.

After jumping between Los Angeles, Portland, OR, and Seattle for several years, I've recently relocated back to Idaho to where my roots are… and also my tiny house and large studio workspace.

Under the JTF studio umbrella, my main focuses are designing/creating/building sculptural pieces, sculptural furniture, and jewelry.

And not to brag, but my work has been featured in national and international publications such as TWS Japan, Heckler, and Reload Magazine. I’ve also produced a documentary which headlined the internationally touring Bicycle Film Festival. Lastly, I once used to do Snoop Dogg's grocery shopping. For real.


Joseph Timothy Fountain